Monday, February 04, 2008

Crafting Reusable Shopping bags & Free Giveaway

So since I've started "thirty things Thursday" I've had the opportunity to be stuck with the dilemma of what to do with all these t-shirts I have laying around. "To give away, or not to give away..." that is the question. And we all know what I do when I can't answer that question.... I CRAFT!!!!

So, I've solved a two fold delimma- I needed a reusable shopping bags for my groceries (for convienience, hipness, and comfort) and I needed to "keep" my t-shirts' memories alive. So I made shopping bags out of the t-shirts.

I brought one over to Lyndsy and Jonathan's super bowl Sunday as a gift for their new "greener" lifestyle. If you would like one of these bags for yourself, let me know. Great news!!! If you leave a comment to post, your name will go in a drawing for a FREE handmade "upcycled" t-shirt shopping bag!!! Just leave a comment (be sure to include your name) and you will be entered in the drawing for a free bag, made by me of course. Everyone loves free stuff.

Here's Lyndsy showing off her new bag. She's excited to save the environment from those pesky plastic bags. (possibly because this bag holds a lot of groceries, as you can see.)

Again the bag upclose:

Here's an upclose on the reinforced straps:


alice said...

YES!!!! I'm the first to enter in the drawing!!!

I just wanted you to see this
Would you believe we've studied under someone who is listed on WIKIPEDIA!!!! That's the big time right there.

I miss you and I want a bag. That is a GREAT Idea.
I might pass it on to the Anna Mags so she can start your chain up here...You're already going global with this thing.

nic pfost said...

SECOND!'d make a great bag, lady.

[sentence best read out loud]

Heidi said...

Mel, you are awesome and I miss you!

Tiffani R said...

Entered in a drawing?!?! Sweet! I am proud of your continual efforts to rid your life of superfluous stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you this is quite possibly the coolest idea ever!? You are SO crafty! I love it! Hey, by the way, I am in need of a serious update with you. Baby Vailes (the second) is due ANYTIME now!!!

liz vailes

Erin said...

Um, yes please! I admire your re-using. I need to start remembering to bring my grocery totes WITH me to the grocery store. They don't do much good in the closet. Rest assured that I would be a MUCH better steward of your t-shirt bag.

Diana said...

I want a bag Mel! And, I loved reading your posts. Quite entertaining to hear about this thirty thursday thing. What a great idea!

j said...

I am the proud owner of the pictured bag. It may be my most prized posession.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the drawing!? -Beth C.


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