Monday, January 21, 2008

10 things Tuesday- scratch that Introducing Thirty Things Thursday!!!!

I have decided that for this semester only I will take 30 things out of my life each Thursday. (You may have heard me refer to this as 10 things Tuesday, but I've decided to step it up a bit.)
Here are the rules:
* Items can be counted as long as they are given away to friends, goodwill, or are sold.
* I must set a goal to accomplish as part of thirty-things-Thursday (T Cubed) For example: at the first ever th-th-TH, (which happened on a Saturday, ha)I set a goal of going through all my desk things, two catch-all boxes, and two of my craft boxes.
* I must throw things away as I empty.
and finally
* I must log all the things I remove from my life on the blog each week so that you all can experience this "exfoiliated life" with me (or at least make fun of me for all the crap I have, thus avoiding future accumulation of junk.

I started the semester of with a bang, by getting rid of 45 items!!!!! My good friend Carrie (check out Carrie is crafty to the left) helped me out and she ruled with an iron fist. She took some awesome things with her too.

Here's a picture of my first 45 things weighing me down:

And now it's ALL in a box:

Here the list you've all been waiting for:

*Ms. Melissa Apple
*2 green desk file trays
*Volunteer orange new testament
*little Homie
*empty earring box
*assorted wristbands (5)
*Singer sewing machine needles
*mood ring and bracelet kit
*sugarlicious lipgloss key chain
*assorted mini ornaments
*mini magnadoodle
*strawberry shortcake ring
*wooden Melissa keychain
*cross witnessing bracelet
*turquoise watch
*worry doll pin
*breast cancer bracelet
*post it notes
*yeild to me picture frame
*2 staplers
*parody CD's (2, Muppets and Star Wars)
*Best Friends forever picture frame (3- ridiculous)
*pressed flower frame
*lady in waiting book
*hair wrap instruction book
*rainbow stocking cap
*motorola charger
*green tempura paint
*tan candle
*life is good baseball caps (3)
* one red paper clip

And Carrie took away:
*a few notes from my old roomie- Beth
*10 floppy disks and holder
*college food diary
*broken picture frame
*Glenn and his quarters picture

Some of the above will be used to make me an idea journal for my crafty- this will eliminate all the extraneous pieces of paper that float around my room with ideas & help me to remember I keep certain things for crafting.

Please pray for my personal cleansing as I attempt to rid my life of all this crap and look forward to future postings concerning all the WEIRD things I have probably had since college.

Thanks Carrie!!! (shown below with her husband Marc)


Thomas said...

Ok, I love this idea, let's see how long you go for. And tell me if you get rid of anything interesting!

p.s. you need help.

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! My guess is the VOLUNTEER ORANGE New testament! that is awesome! anything in vol orange is good...always. And, btw, this is an awesome idea! See you SOON!


Alex said...


I like this "exfoliating" that you're doing. You're giving me an idea as I think about the Season of Lent, and what I should do.

I'll be praying for you.

PS: Tonight at the ESC we were saying how much we miss you and JT.

Anonymous said...

You got rid of a New Testament?!?! Isn't that blasphemous-even if it was tainted with the horrible Volunteer orange.

Also, I am hurt that you would not consider that I might want the star wars parody thing...

The Williams said...

yea! i'm so excited to see what happens next week!!!!!! i should totally do this!


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