about mel

the short version: i dye my hair...a lot. i know many wonderful people that i do not get to see enough. every conversation and relationship I have is precious. the last place I ever want to be is where I am. i'm almost there, but i'm still here.

the long version: i like fireflies and i love being a woman. i like it when people tell me that i am funny or cool. i have a job, because i was supposed to change the world. i work at a college. when i am sure that no one is around to hear me, i call myself an artist. my crafting essentials include a glue gun, sewing machine & a record player. my hair seems to be a lot hipper than i am. i laugh often, i laugh loud & with no apologies.

i like community, coffee, and conversations. maybe we can get together for one of those, or all three?

the recurring characters:

the blogger

the bestie


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