Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I am someone's ELSES inspiration!?!?

Crazy. My former roommate, Lyndsy (pictured in the last blog entry) and a few of her friends have been inspired by "30 things Thursday." Here's an email that she sent me recently:

Lyndsy: I was talking with my two friends out here and we were contemplating what we wanted to do for lent this year. We came up with no retail purchases and taking part in 10 things Tuesdays. The overall goal is simplicity. You were our motivation. We are going to start a facebook group for it today and post every week what we are getting rid of as accountability. One is in Indiana and the other is in Colorado. All three of us are getting married and will be moving this spring so it comes at a good time.

This is great. Maybe we'll start a revolution.
Checkout Lyndsy's Ten Things Tuesday facebook group (and join!) by clicking here.

Please consider "Ten things Tuesday" as you examine your Lenten options.

The giveaway is still going on! Leave a comment in the blog below for your chance to win a shopper!

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