Friday, February 01, 2008

Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be...

If only it was that easy. The job search has begun. I am nearly finished with my resume wrinting and I am completely overwhelmed by the job hunt process. It's like going to Walmart for groceries- so many options!!!

I have been looking at so many online postings that my eyes hurt. My computer is sick of seeing my face. Here's the view from my laptops end: (curtesy of my new computer's webcam)

Boo, job hunting is not good for my appearance.

Anyway, here are some options that I am considering.

I am looking into a New Student Programs job in Jackson, TN, a few Multicultural Affairs positions elsewhere in the country, and a Director of Student Ministries position with the International Justice Mission in washington, D.C.

I will be interviewing for positions (other than the ones above) in Boston in March so I need to get a few tailored resumes posted. Of course, honoring tradition- my resume will be posted on my door with a note, "Hire me, please!" until I am hired.

Please pray as I continue to try to to be faithful to my calling. I realy need to take the next week to limit my search nonnegotiables. Thus far my only requirements are the ability to live at a standard of living one notch above "graduate student" and still be able to agressively pay off my student loans. (Agressively=10 years, ha)

If you see any jobs that scream my name, quickly tell them to lower their voices, and pass them along to me.

Coming soon: Thirty Things Thursday times two.

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