Thursday, August 08, 2013

boiler up, y'all.

This is is view from my computer monitor these days. The students are coming back and this is our "tax season" as we buckle down cranking out final details for programs and prepare to make guest appearances at other folks' programs.  This is the time of year where we stand in fromt of students, behind tables and up to eat between meetings and tasks.  We will share "the work we do" over and over as we try to woo new students to give us a shot and other students to stick with us.  You know how runners always talk about trusting the training? This is it.  This is our work.  This is the training; marathon is next week.  Trust the training.  The students are coming... Boiler Up! We are changing lives here, people.

*So if this life was a dry quirky comedy movie and I was the nauseating and over the top boss-type character, then I think I just wrote the draft for a team meeting speech. Shall I try it out on my colleages and with a straight face too?

INTERACT: What are you training for these days?

The August Break 2013

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Lyndsy said...

Aw yeah August! Trained by student leaders today during a 'recap retreat' because "remember I taught you all this stuff in April and you remember, right?" Two weeks until classes start and then surprisingly it settles. The orientation life.


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