Friday, August 02, 2013

the most beautiful meal of the day


I wanted to take a picture of my breakfast this morning, becasue I had this amazing blueberry and ricotta crepe and a yummy latte from Greyhouse Coffee Co. But atlas, it was so delightful, I inhaled it before I remembered it was photo worthy. So intead I will include an image from one of my favorite blogs that inspires me to not only eat breakfast, but to be more creative with my breakfast options.

Simply Breakfast is one of my all-time favorite go-to blogs. Upon visiting I am struck with the urge to get to my sewing machine and stitch up some beautiful table linens and napkins.  From the about page:
" and lifestyle photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in the South eating grits and biscuits. Breakfast is my favorite meal and coffee is my favorite way to start the day. I keep this blog as a way to add a bit of creativity to my everyday and to keep me shooting photos just for fun. Sitting down to a meal in the morning helps me to be present and allows me to think and to set intentions for the day ahead." 
My favorite breakfast is chocolate gravy; I mean I dream about that stuff poured over crumbled biscuits.  Who says breakfast can't be more than a bowl of cereal sitting on the back of my toilet whilst I blow dry my hair?

Talkback: What did you have for breakfast today? What do you WISH you would've had? Tell me in the comments.  

The August Break 2013

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