Friday, April 09, 2010

Crafty Conversations: fabric flower fun

This banquet that I am going to on Friday has a Roaring Twenties theme so, one of my favorite friends, Natasha, came over earlier in the week and we made fabric flowers to complement our outfits. It was a really great time and I remembered two things:

1. How much I LOVE just hanging out with people.
2. How good I feel after crafty something AWESOME.

We live near each other, so we both decided that we should get together and craft more often and maybe even walk the trails around our apartments in the morning together. How wonderful new friendships can be!

Halfway through my project:

Natasha showing off her work. Silly girl!

My finished product. Anyone want to buy one?

INTERACT: What should you be doing more often?


the williams said...

love it! you craft machine, you!!!

Jeremy said...

i should be reading more often =/

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