Sunday, September 06, 2009

Reflections on my first week on the job..

As you can tell, I have officially started work at TCU and I've good the faculty/staff car decal to prove it. What a whirlwind week! Even though it has been kind of crazy, it has been SO GREAT to get back in the higher ed working groove. My first day was Tuesday and I already had meetings to go to which was really energizing and great to meet some people. My supervisor couldn't be more kind and welcoming. I have printed out a TCU map and hung it in my office and I am highlighting buildings as I learn what they are and how to get there. This, my friends, is called motivation. :)

I have been eating nothing but oatmeal and vegetarian chili until I get some money for groceries and I was getting a little lonely without usual friends and cable, so when my friend, Matt, popped into town on Wednesday for a meeting- I was THRILLED that he decided to stay and take me to dinner. As I drove there, I discovered how close work REALLY is to downtown and it blew my mind that I could just GO to these places on a whim. Thanks Matt, for the beers, food, and good conversation. How cool when friends pop in just when you need them.

This week, I met some student leaders, decided that I am really going to like working with KAte (the other VISTA), had lunch in the caf every day, taught my first Community Action class, got to bounced ideas off my supervisor, learned some website things, and "may" have worked out a negotion with a colleague to trade my solid purple chairs for his polka dot chairs. In addition to the work I will be doing in my office, I will also get to work with the sophomore transistions team, women's programing, and be a staff partner for a connections class (first year experience). How great!

Oh, and I met a couple of people to hang out with that I have some things in common with. So pretty much a good week.


Alice said...

What?!?! No interact!!!!??!!!???
Well, I will interact with a random comment.
I think I just ate a bite of the rarest steak I've ever had. I got a HUGE sirloin from the farmer market and I cooked it really really light (because you don't want it to get firm...) and then I chomped it down! YUM! and drank a couple of swigs of some (nasty) red wine that we opened two weeks ago and never finished because I was afraid my body would freak out from such a new experience.

Also, I would like to add that I'm glad your friend Matt came and rescued the princess, wore sweaters in downtown Dallas, an incomplete sentence,

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I picture Matt when I think of him. Great photo! Glad to hear that you are doing well.

-Beth C.


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