Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hanging in ABQ with the mountains and some like minded folks.

Why are there mountains behind me? Well that is because last week I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a Public Service Orientation. As an Americorps*VISTA, it is a requirement to go to this regional training to discuss poverty, capacity building, and how we fit into the mission of VISTA. It was truly a great time and so refreshing to be surrounded by people about to embark on similar journeys as myself. I made some dear friends with whom I'd love to keep in touch.

We stayed at the Hilton and aqttended seminars during the day that looked a little like this:

The weather was wonderful and the conversations were phenomenal. I of course took on a role in the evening as entertainment coordinator..I am a born planner. It was really neat to see all the connections that people were making with one another; we all remarked on how it felt like freshman orientation all over again. I was pleased to have the best roomie of the bunch, Lindsey. It was so fun to stay up chatting with her about her experiences and expectations for the year.

As VISTAs we took an oath of service (the same as military) at the end of the training, which was really interesting to me as someone who isn't really known for my patriotism. But let's be honest: what a great time in history to serve my country in terms of fighting the war on poverty. We are all so interdependent on one another and I am always glad to make relationships that remind me of that.

INTERACT: check out the photos from my trip and leave some comments. Check out the photos by clicking this link!

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Tiffani R said...

I love that we have similar dresses!! I totally recognized it in the first pic!

Glad you had such a good time, Mel!


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