Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafty Conversations: roadside desk

So the day I left for Waco, KB told me that she found this metal desk on the side of the road. There was just a little rust on the inside and the drawers worked well. It was the PERFECT size for a craft station in my new apartment.

She knew I needed a desk so she came with me and after a few tries, we got it in the back of my car. We jokes that my goal for my first week in Fort Worth was that I had to make some friends so someone could help me get it out.

I was in luck, because when Matt came up my first week, he followed me ALL THE WAY OUT to my apartment to help my get this heavy thing in my apartment. I promised myself that I would keep it in the living room (i.e. in the way) until I cleaned it up and got it ready for crafting. So, when JT came to visit that first weekend I told him that we had a project....da da duuuuuh...

SO we went to Lowes and bought a few things: kilz spray primer, some red spray paint, a tarp to cover the workspace, & a reusable sander scrubber (looks like a sponge). All together we spent $35. Now I should tell you that the desk that I had been planning to save up for would cost me a couple hundred dollars, so if this 35 dollar thing works out- AWESOME.

So I sanded off the rust, JT removed the drawer pulls, we dragged the desk and the tarp outside and got to spraying:

A few days and paint coats later, I have a desk and crafting station. What a difference a coat of paint makes. (I know that is a cliche, but we just kept saying it because it was such a shocking transformation! You should probably scroll up to see the before, so that you can be as shocked as I am.

I really felt accomplished after a weekend project and I quickly got my sewing machine out to make Marianne a pillow for her couch. The following weekend I unpacked all but two of my bedroom boxes. I almost live here it seems.

INTERACT: Well, what do you think?


Tiffani R said...

Love the new desk. Jealous for the space you have in your apt that you can have a craft corner. Glad you are able to sew and do other crafts and that you are getting settled in.

Love you! Tiff

whocanfind? said...

I think it's AWESOME! You are amazing. I love seeing the creative things you come up with!

alice said...

So cute! Good job! Do you like it?

Anonymous said...

I would never have thought to do that! It looks so cool. I was amazed. So when are you coming to our apartment to fix it up? HA! Enjoy crafting!
And that is awesome JT helps! -Beth C.

Erin said...

It looks amazing! Also, I love that it's red. :)

Keri said...

i love this! does the primer keep the paint from scratching off? i am such an impatient painter.


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