Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crafty Conversations: esc rehab

This weekend is my last "official" weekend in Waco and it was also work day for the ESC (where I have been living since January). It was pretty amazing to get to be a part of work day and literally leave a place better than when I came. We had about seven people working on a LONG list and making transformations happen in a way that you wish you had before pictures. We cleaned, bleached, built bookcases, pulled up carpet, put down flooring, etc, etc. Oh, and I even made a runner rug! If you are in the Waco area, you show stop by Tuesday @5pm for our kick off cookout.
JT changed my whole world by pulling up the carpet in the bathroom and putting down new goodness, he IS amazing.

Cutting the flooring for the hard to reach places.

This one shows a little of what the old floor looked like after pulling up the carpet.

Here's a little of what I did while he was working so hard. We needed a curtain to cover the window of out back door. I couldn't find one at the store that fit our needs in our price range.

This fabric will provide privacy, but still let the sun in and it was cheap. Just a neutral muslin.

Some coordinating thread and little time at the machine (with some folding help from A.Q), and...

The finished product!

Want to sew up your own curtain for patio door or a window? I posted a tutorial here.

INTERACT: What is your stance on carpet in the bathroom and/or kitchen? I'm sure you could guess that I'm against it.


J.T. Snipes said...

I hate carpet in the bathroom! Why would you ever do that to your home?

Tiffani R said...

1) Love the curtain! Cute!!

2) Hate carpet in the kitchen, don't love it in the bathroom (though I like a nice little rug outside the bathtub and in front of the sink where I do my hair).

Glad you got so much done, I'm sure the ESC was glad to have y'all there helping!!

Lindsay said...

eww, I am against it also! It is too hard to clean!

alice said...

Passionately against carpet in the bathroom...
Carpets absorb dust. Can you imagine what kind of dust and mildew would grow in a bathroom carpet? Blech!

So proud of you guys! Good job!!!!


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