Friday, August 14, 2009

Cow Town: Moo-ve In Edition

Last Thursday and Friday, I headed up to Ft. Worth for a training at TCU with my future supervisors. It was a really great time and I had an opportunity to see what may day to day might look like and to get to know the campus itself a bit better. I stayed Friday night in Denton with my college friend, B. Which meant that I was not able to be present in Waco to load up the U-Haul. (This is a good things for the help, b/c I am not a fun person to move with.)

Anyway, I have never felt so loved as I did on Saturday. Marianne, Kristen, C Mack, and Jonathan met JT at 7am at my house and then at the storage unit to load up a 17 ft U-Haul. (Anndrea & James tried to come but the load up was so fast they got left behind). JT was on the road (along with C Mack by 8:30).

B and I drove down from Denton to meet them, David (JT's bestie), and David (B's friend) at my apartment. We waited around for a while, got the keys and unloaded in 25 minutes!!! Matt was coming in from Frisco and he came in as soon as we finished unloading. Here is what that looked like before we went to lunch.

We went to lunch at a Mongolian restaurant and then B loaded me up with cleaning supplies at Target. We unpacked the kitchen and living room.

On Sunday, JT and I went to IKEA and got a bed, dresser, night stand, etc. Put it together until 1am. We also had a chance to go to this Episcopal Church where I met someone my own age and got her number for coffee. We cleaned up and came back to Waco on Monday.

Check out pics of the apartment by clicking here.

I'm really pumped about living here. It's a great place and I so far love those at my work. I'll keep you updated.

INTERACT: What do you think about my new place?


Alex Montes said...

Great apartment Mel. I wish you the best.

Alex Montes said...

Great apartment. I wish you the best.

Jonathan and Lyndsy Manz said...

Love the new apartment! It is pretty fabulous and in much better condition then what I was picturing for the deal you are paying! The new furniture is fabulous- love the bed and kitchen chair. Not that you need a fireplace in DFW but it is pretty great for a comfy room feeling.

alice said...

Love the apt! I can't believe it took 25 minutes. Kudos to your friends and your packing skills!
Thirty things Thursday probably paid off too!
I will comment on your pics as soon as I can get on to facebook!
I love you :) ;)


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