Friday, July 31, 2009

Cow Town Is Coming: Prepare for Branding

alternate title for this post: "This one's for you, Candice."

So, upon hugging me goodbye (for what may be the last time for a while), my friend requested that I put more personal updates on my blog. While I think we definitely have a difference of opinion about what is personal, i know what she means. She wants me to update more on the goings on in my life..which is understandable. SO, since I do not have pictures of my unborn children to post, I shall tell you the update on my upcoming move to Ft. Worth. So without further adieu, Candice, this one's for you:

Habitat:I have found an AWESOME 1 bedroom 625 sq ft apartment 10 minutes from campus for a phenomenal price of $399 a month (300 of which will be paid by TCU). This apartment find is a RELIEF and while I always like myself better when I have a roomie (I like the idea of being forced to be considerate of another), I have decided to live alone. I think its a good choice for the current season and I really look forward to quiet contemplative times of being, as well as Pizza Nite 3.0!

Up Next:I will be headed up to Fort Worth on the 6th and 7th of August for an Orientation to my position type of experience. I'm really looking forward to this b/c I have the opportunity to meet Kate, my new Americorps colleague and recent TCU graduate. It will also be really enlightening to speak with Amy (the current VISTA) about the day joys and challenges of the position.

The Big Move:JT and friends will be loading up a UHaul with many of my personal belongings that I have not seen in a year and bringing those things to my apartment for move in. I look forward to spending that weekend unpacking, reuniting with my matching dishes that Hannah bought me, writing lists, visiting a church I have been cyber-stalking, and settling in, before I go back to Waco to crash before my work officially starts.

The Oath:August 25th, I head to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend Americorps* Public Service Orientation, to learn some things, make some friends, and take my oath of service. Following my oath, my year of service will officially have begun..da da duuuuuum...what do you think about them apples?...mmm I love apples...

COMING UP IN THE BLOG: Tales from a Birthday Scavenger Hunt...
here's a teaser photo taken towards the end of my birthday evening...


Tiffani R said...

Hi Mel!! I'm here in STL with Matt Fulmer and the Bullards. Candice and I just read your post together. Here are our responses:

Tiff: "Yay for the new season of your life! I'm excited for more personal updates and looking forward to all the excitement. I know that pizza night 3.0 cannot top pizza/karaoke/guitarhero night 2.0, but I sure hope that it equals its awesomeness.... :) love you Mel! And the pic is beautiful!"

Candice: "Thanks for updating you blog and telling us about your life, Mel! And that pic is really cute!" (she may have more to add later on her own)

The Bullards said...

Mel- I LOVE your 'personal' posts! :) You are right- I wanted to hear (read) about what is happening in your life.
Sounds like everything is coming together nicely for your move and start of the new job. Hope everything goes smoothly and that you love it!
Also- A-DOR-ABLE picture.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm so excited for you, but I'm a little nervous about your apartment. Please tell me its just a good deal and not scary!

Jonathan and I will both be in Dallas for training the second week of September. I hope we can meet up, and you can tell me how great things are going at your new J.O.B.

-Beth C.

Alice said...

I liked this post. GREAT!
except...I would really like photos of your unborn children next time!


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