Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crafty Conversations: fabulous finds

Let's just be honest with ourselves... I love books. I tend to gravitate towards old books, mainly because I really like the reading other people's notes in the margins and thinking what the previous owners were like. My favorite books are those of the craft-related nature. So if I can find an old craft book, I get REALLY pumped.

This week I stopped by our new Goodwill and found three books for $5.00 total! Along with a feminist reader that you probably don't care much about, I got this one:


and a book called Bright Ideas for your Home by Dalsgaard and Erichsenth. Both books were published in the 70's, and the Bright Ideas book was equipped with photos and intructions to make everything from couches to vest-like back packs. Here are a few projects from the book:

These are definitely FABULOUS FINDS. I wish you luck the next time you go a-thrifting! Now, I'm off to purchase some foam to make a "slumper" (and by that- I mean I'm going to bed.)

INTERACT: What is your favorite thrift store find?


J.T. Snipes said...

my favorite thrift store find is the vintage pearl snap button shirt i am wearing today. i love it

Erin said...

Mine is a very colorful summer dress that everyone loves--what a steal!

But more importantly, which feminist reader was this??

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey! Nice finds! I have completed my Course 1 of the cake decorating series and received a certificate. Woohoo! Who knew I'd get a certificate? I've signed up for course 2. So I guess that is my summer goal, to learn cake decorating (in response to your last post).

And I want one of those couch thingies in the pic.

Hannah G said...

I think you should paint your front door like that one...


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