Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh the anticipation....

It is almost 4am and I cannot sleep because I get to see these people tomorrow:

....and these three will be reunited again later this week!

I am SUPER pumped for old friends to be in town. My former roomie, Sarah is getting married this weekend. Not only is that exciting individually, it is also just fun to see how weddings bring people together. What a great cultural pastime. How wonderful that we value relationships so much that we will travel far and wide to attend the uniting of a new family!


Canderson said...

What fun. :) I hope I run into some of them when they are here. I won't be at the wedding, but congrats to Sarah and Myles!

Jonathan & Lyndsy Manz said...

So fun! Wish I was there too. Enjoy them and the togetherness!

Tiffani R said...

It was delightful beyond words to get to spend time with you. I loved spending focused time with you, JT, and Matt at Panera; drinking with you (and people we like) at various establishments; and then seeing you on my last day in Waco.
I'm glad we're friends, Mel! Pics to come!!!


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