Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lenton Disciplines and New Haircut Photo Shoot

So, for those that are not in the know, Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. I am going to spend today deciding what I will put off for the season of Lent. You may remember this post last year where I gave up disposable cups. Check out the post for some Lenton inspiration. Even though I have not yet decided what I will put off, I have decided a few disciplines that I will put on. First off, I got a new haircut to remind me daily of the change in the season and the introduction of some of these disciplines.

I plan to take some time to spend in a Lenton devotional daily and debrief with an accountability group of 5 over breakfast each week. The devotional is provided free of charge by the Episcopal church and I can send the pdf to you if you would like, just let me know. I will be posting my reflections each Wednesday on the blog as well.

I also plan to take every opportunity offered to participate in corporate prayer. I usually don't have the patience to participate in group prayer, so I am really going to commit and try to really get to know Christ in a different way through this medium. The Episcopal Student Center (where I live) will be havin morning prayer twice a week and some women in my church will be getting together once a week to pray as well.

Finally, I plan to really focus on my diet and activity during the Lenton season, because discipline should be focused on mind, spirit, AND body.

So, get out tomorrow and get some ashes! What are your Lenton disciplines?


Tiffani R said...

hair is delightfully cute. I love it - totally flattering! I'm still thinking about how I'm going to honor lent.

Anonymous said...

1. Love the haircut. 2. Couldn't think of anything for Lent. 3. I gave up plastic grocery bags for the new year. 4. You are living at the student center? 5. What else is new?

-Beth C.


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