Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen, Let's Give it up for... LENT!

After reading my most recent post, you may be asking yourself, "Self, why hasn't Mel disclosed her own decision to give something up for lent."

And then you may have told yourself, "Self, you know how Mel is. She is so last minute- she probably hasn't even picked something."

And you know what- Yourself was right! HOWEVER- I just decided what I will be giving up for Lent: disposable coffee cups.

Now, the way I view Lent usually is I give up something that I want and then I set of some sort of spirtual response system that I experience when the desire for that "thing" hits. For example: If (I was crazy and) I gave up coffee, everytime the desire hit, I would meditate on scripture or prayer instead. Then, on Sunday's I would partake in the coffee as a reminder of God's glory and freedom.

However, disposable coffee cups are not something that I want to go out of my way to partake in, so I shall avoid them entirely over the Lenten season.

Here's what I will probably do: I will bring my own mug or ask for a "for here" mug (if available). If neither of these things are available, I will abstain from the coffee and reflect on our disposable society and thank God that she shows US more mercy than we show the rest of the world. (Hopefully the reuseable mugs will remind me to reflect on the above things OVER coffee as well.)

This is me RIGHT now at Common Grounds, a coffee spot right off campus:

Feel free to use the feedback link to post what you are planning to do during the Lenten season to become more disciplined and like Christ.


whocanfind? said...

This isn't the once named "level grounds", is it? Different company, maybe? I have no idea where you're located these days but it's so good to see your blog. I miss delving into the deep with "Gruver". I have so much to talk with you about in relation to conservation and stewardship. For example, how those focused more on survival find it difficult to be as creative stewards. I just started a blog too. Mine doesn't have cool pictures or anything, and I really haven't written that much since Union (babies and all!), but I'd love to keep up with you, find out what God's doing with you at Baylor (exciting!). Take care. Nice blog!

whocanfind? said...

Oh, and how about I tell you that this is Andrea (Ferguson) Wandell! Sorry about that!

J said...

I like it. Good idea. I am giving up fried stuff. Like yours, it is something I want to just get rid of in my life. However, it seems that additionally I may be getting rid of 10 things every Tuesday indirectly thanks to you. ;)

Becca :o) said...

I've decided to try and go to the gym and least three times a week for Lent...and to give up greasy foods and junk foods! Hopefully I can do it!

B :o)

The Williams said...

gruver, i just got caught up on your blog, and i too am going to purchase reusable grocery bags at wal-mart for the next big shopping trip. anyway, i hope that you're doing well. and remind me again about ten things tuesday? same concept as thirty things thursday? that would've been a great lent item! anyway, much love to you!

Alex Montes said...

You're awesome. Just wanted to let you know that. And by the way, the reusable shoppping bags are great.



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