Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crafty Conversations: craft night w/ KB!

So, KB (you've seen her before here. came over and we had a...wait for it...craft night. Man oh man, I love craft nights. When I craft I am in the zone. KB worked on her first ever apron and it was AWESOME! I made a Valentine for the boyfriend that wasd like the puzzle purses that people used to give each other in the 1700s. Martha taught me how here.

KB sewing away. Doesn't she look like a pro already?

I am looking for inspiration from children encyclopedia that I picked up at the thrift store.

KB modeling her first ever home sewn apron!

Valentine for the boyfriend. I put an ee cummings poem on it.

This is what the Valentine looks like when you open the puzzle a bit.

Here's the puzzle all the way open.

Aren't we cute?


Tiffani R said...

yes. ;)

J.T. Snipes said...

Best Valentine's day present ever! I love you Mel.

Kristen B. said...

Wow, I'm famous.

ashley m. said...

so cute, so cute. :) i miss you guys.


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