Friday, February 08, 2008

30 Things Thursday x 2 +12

Okay- so I have accomplished three more "Th/Th/Th"'s these past three weeks the goal has been to go through EVERY item of clothing I own and separate them into three piles- keep, sell, give. JT (my AWESOME boyfriend-best ever) sat on my bed as I held up item after item and he served as the studio audience yelling "KEEP IT!" "SELL IT!" and "TOSS IT!" This an an experience that we affectionately refer to as "the game." We hardly disagreed on what to toss, except on occassion- which only hurt me a little bit. :)

So here are the goals & results of three weeks of Thirty things Thursday:
Goal 1: Go through all my clothes
*I got rid of 95 items of clothing in the giveaway pile
*Clothing in this pile range from jeans to flip flops tp sweaters to clothes I've had since sixth grade
*I have a laundry basket of t-shirts (not counted in the above count) that I will be crating into shopping bags You can enter in my drawing to win one here-winners to be announced on Monday.)
*I have a box of about twenty things to take to the consignment shop (not counted until actually sold)

NOTE: All the clothes I kept are in a pile, so as I hang them up, I hope to edit out more articles of clothing.

Goal 2: Go through the boxes that are still in my bathroom floor from the flood last summer
*I came up with an entire laundry basket of ridiculous things and threw a lot of medicine away
*I can't even remember what was in this basket, but it was fairly full- I hope you won't like me less after seeing the pictures below.

Goal 3: Have KB (my AWESOME friend) come over and talk me out of keeping EVERY SINGLE BOOK I OWN
*This actually worked- we went through one of my book shelves (the small one) and I got rid of almost 10 books.
*I also identified 5 books to giveaway to some of my friends (watch out, it may be you)
*K handed me a trash bag (which I later realized was scented [Kristen, that's what we were smeeling]) and made me spend 2 minutes throwing trash away. You would be utterly surprised to see old bills, church bullitins, receipts, excess crafts scraps, etc. that just float around my room.

PLUS- I created a new rule:
NEW Rule: If I purchase items and bring them INTO my life, I must take that same number of items OUT of my life (on top of the usual 30)

So, I bought 12 exciting things for crafting at the antique store, so I dismissed 12 things out of my room. Included in these picture frames, old patterns (unopened), scarves, etc.

Heres the documentation to prove it:

KB with my stuff (I could BURY her under all this crap!)

More pictures of the "things:"

COMING SOON: Pictures of me ACTUALLY dumping this stuff at the goodwill & guest blogger KB writes about how hard it realy is to convince me to get rid of my crap.


whocanfind? said...
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Eryn said...

i found this through the facebook group and i don't know you, but i am SO INSPIRED RIGHT NOW! I've been wanting to purge stuff for a while now, but I never do...

Having an actual number goal every week? I like this a lot!!! I'm now going to brainstorm the best way it will work for me and maybe start a blog about it, too!

Thanks for the inspriation, I look forward to this journey.

Tiffani R said...

1) I totally love that a complete stranger found the group Lyns made on facebook and then discovered the blog - the world is SO SMALL now!
2) I laughed out loud at the little postscript about how KB is going to be a guest blogger - can't wait to read her report/confessional.
3) I'm really proud of you, Mel! I think that in two weeks (when I am in Waco for an entire weekend AND don't have ADPi stuff) that I am going to do a second pass through my clothes and maybe some other stuff too. I feel like I'm living pretty lean, but normally I have a "buy one item of clothing... get rid of one item of clothing rule" and I haven't been following it lately. And frankly... now my closet is really really full.

Beth C said...

Ok. So I would like to say that I am proud of you. And I can imagine that it was hard to talk you into getting rid of crap. I would like to encourage you to give books to your local library! Books... check 'em out! I checked out "Christianity for the Rest of Us" today, and my church in Nashville is in the study she conducted. I'm going to see some people from church tonight and ask them about it. Thanks!

Eryn said...

link away!!

Jonathan said...

Man, great job there Mel. I jumped on the bandwagon. Check out the Facebook group for my first week of 10 Things Tuesday. I welcome your feedback and encouragement.


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