Monday, December 22, 2008

Sweet dreams of...well, not you.

So, I've been gone a while. But let's be honest, you left first. Anyway, I've been stuck -still without a job- thinking about Christmas sneaking up on me and the New Year fast approaching, and dreaming.

It an effort to remember some of my dreams, here are a few things that I want to do in my life-

1. Own a coffee shop
2. Get Christmas cards from people, so I can finally recycle them in crafts that blogs and Martha Stewart always cite
3. Move to a city with a subway
4. Lose 100 pounds
5. Earn my PhD
6. Refused to be called, 'Dr' -in most cases-
7. Be married and live with another married couple
8. Learn to play all the string instruments
9. Make art
10. Dream for a living
11. Sell my crafts and be legit
12. Integrate the word 'jive' into my vocabulary

I really want to be part of something bigger than me, which isn't so hard these days since I feel so small. I really need a job.


J.T. Snipes said...

Dr Gruver. . . hmm has a nice ring to it. I think Dr Snipes sounds better =^O

Erin said...

"Dr. Gruver" sounds a lot like "Dr. Tarver!" (which is perhaps to say, a little bit weird. I vote for us both refusing to be called 'Dr.')

I hope you are well, and I hope you get to follow through on some of those sweet dreams.



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