Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Election Day: highs & lows

Election Day brought with it many celebratory moments and many sad moments for me. I have been debating whether of not I should hash any of these things out in this forum. I have decided to list a few of my highs and lows- so that you can be let in to this semi-private part of my life.

This was the first time I have voted in a presidential election(high). I never cared before, because I am a fairly cynical person. However, the last few years of my life, I have become even more civically engaged and I have been very involved in being informed about this year's election. Since I was not anticipating being in Texas at the time of the election, I voted absentee. Since my ballot came a little late, I had to attempt to overnight it. The post office said it would cost $18 and they could not assure me that it would get there in time to be counted (low). I cried in my car, and I sent it in anyway.

I had the choice of tracking it and after a lot of consideration I looked it up online and...

MY VOTE COUNTED!!!!!!! (high)

This was very important to me because I really thought hard about my choices.

I was/am a major Obama supporter. There, I said it. I am a Christian who voted for Obama...and I didn't vote for him despite my Christianity. I voted for him BECAUSE of my beliefs.

It was a great night when we found out he won. Tears of joy and relief were shed as we realized that we were experiencing history. I was so happy to be in a safe space while watching the election returns, so that I could soak in a great moment (high).

I am very excited about our new president and I hope that iindiviual citizens continue to stay as involved in democracy as they have been in the elections.

I will say this: I was very hurt on Tuesday by many of my "friends" implying that I was not a good Christian (or a Christian at all) because I voted for Obama (low). It really disturbs me when "Christians" feel obligated to attack someone's character based on the choices they make that differ from their own. I was embarrassed last week by many dear friends that I know and I regret that there is no time or opportunity to sit down with them individually to discuss how they have wounded me and to hear them out as well.

Let me say this though: As long as you are comfortable with me being me, I am comfortable with you being you. I am not going to let our differences spur me to lash out at you and I will try to keep the ad hominem arguments to a minimum.


Erin said...

Mel, I'm super happy that your vote counted, and I absolutely support you following your convictions.

Kudos, and thanks for doing your part to be a good citizen!

whocanfind? said...

I hear what you're saying about Christians with differing views on the election results. I am usually pretty verbal about political issues, but this year, I laid back and watched (I did vote!), trying to pursue relationships with people instead of opportunities for each of us to pass judgment. It's hard though, because these issues are important, too, to all of us, and they'll impact us for generations. However, we ALL have to trust that God is bigger than any presidential choice we make, and that God will do whatever He wants done in our country.
A lot of believers are at odds this election, and it is sad. I think it will all simmer down in a month or so, and I do hope that, regardless of who voted for whom, Believers will trust God and submit to the leadership that God has given them.

nancy (aka money coach) said...

Next time anyone tries to question your faith, remind them that the criteria of determining "true believership" was settled in 325 in Nicea, and that these have never changed. If they don't know what this means, send them packing home to learn a bit of basic history about their faith :)

Meantime, keep enjoying the moment. It's yours.

Anonymous said...

Word! You are better than I am though. I will go off on people... which is no way to be. I'll work on that.

-Beth C.

jenny said...

I was once at a church where the pastor said, "If you think you're a Democrat and a Christian, you better stop being a Democrat so you can start being a Christian."

My thought: 'Huh. I didn't know those two were mutally exclusive.'

And I totally agree with you about people freaking out because you voted for Obama- the facebook statuses were ruthless!

PS- Super glad your vote counted too :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

ummm...shouldn't one of the highs from election day include that you got to see one of your favorite people? Even if it was only for an abbreviated period of time, I was glad to share the experience with you!


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