Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video Chatting

I talked to my best friend (Stefi) all day today as we tried to use Skype to video chat. Due to her older computer, Sype kept kicking us off when we tried to upload her video. Then we found some other methods, but MY camera wouldn't work.

Here's what we decided on:
We spoke on our cellphones on speaker phone andd turned off the sound on the computers;
I logged onto to Skype and called Stefi so she could see me;
and She logged onto and messaged me so I could see her.

Here's what it looked like from my end when we finally got it all working:

We're not really good at look at each other. We get stuck on looking at ourselves and fixing our hair for the camera.

How fun to talk to your best friend about NOTHING at all for hours on a Sunday! It was almost like we were ACTUALLY hanging out.

I can't wait til we get to hang out in person in April.

Still to come:
*Brad Pitt
*Job Search
*30 Things

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