Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been tagged by Lyndsay...

Lyndsay tagged me so here's my details:

10 years ago: I was 14 and ridiculously awkward. trying to navigate through multiple cliques in the cafeteria- goths, athletes, Christians, and skaters. (Those were my main friends). I was becoming the first girl on my high school wrestling team, among three other girls. Funny- I would change out of my platform boots into my tights and attempt to live two lives.

Things on my to do list today: take the recycling to the center, write a five page paper on something, send out a few resumes, watch Juno, email some people, write more blogs, research for case study, gid rid of things in my rooom...

What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire? Pay off my student loans and open a coffee shop that changes people's lives, give to the World Hunger Farm, invest for family

Three of my bad habits: I am a compulsive hoarder, I don't shave my legs as often as I should, I'm addicted to VH1

Five jobs I have had:
Camp Counselor at Camp Discovery
Special Olympics Coordinator
Grocery Store Cashier in the grand Canyon
Coffee Shop Barista at a bookstore
Teacher's assistant iin Pre-K Special ed

Five things people don't know about me:
I still sleep with a stuffed animal named Ducki
I don't like looking at the ocean because I can't see it all at once.
I was more comfortable with my body BEFORE I lost thirty pounds.
I have my own roller skates (four wheeler Sketchers).
I feel cool when I have my windows rolled down and my music turned up.

I tag these people: Janie Williams, Brian Denker, Nic Pfost, Andrea Wandell

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nancy (aka money coach) said...

I love the 'open up a coffee shop that changes people's lives'. At one point I dreamed about doing something similar (and became a money coach and banker instead - which also changes people's lives, for the better I hope). I'm interested: care to elaborate on *how* the coffee shop would change lives?


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