Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brad Pitt Sighting

I promised that I would mention the Brad Pitt sighting soon, however- I am tired of typing so I'll give you the next best thing (probably a better thing) and post my friend tiffani's post about the incident. Her excellent blog can be found here.

Tif says:
It would be weird to start a post with "Brad Pitt" except we saw him today at the Texas State Capital!

My cohort had a field trip today to Austin, to visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (in the AM) and the Director of Research for the Speaker of the House (in the PM). In between we had lunch at a great place near the Capital called "Serranos."

Anyway, when our van got to the capital we walked over and while we were trying to figure out how to get in, some guy with a walkie talkie asked us to walk away a bit, about 20 feet from the entrance. We weren't sure what was going on, but soon a couple people and some sheriff's deputies were walking into the building. Katie T. said she thought one of them looked like a movie star, but I poo-pooed her. Well, I was wrong. We found out immediately after that, that it was Brad Pitt.

Brad (as I call him, though I don't know him...) is in Austin right now filming a movie called, "Tree of Life" and apparently part of it takes place at the state capital. When we got inside we got to stand around (because we had to - they wouldn't let us walk through until they were done with their shots, but overall the crew was polite) and watch them shoot the scenes which mostly looked like Brad walking - we couldn't see them filming any dialogue.

It will be interesting to see what those shots look like when the film comes out.

Later we got into our meeting and Al asked me to round up the girls (who were using the rest room) and Carrie and I got stuck as they were filming in the hallway right outside our meeting. That was fun because we got to see him even closer. But alas, no photos (well, we are working on one, but it remains to be seen if we can get it to look good) and no interactions other than watching. Interesting, though! What a fun day!

p.s. They were also filming in Smithville, TX, which was also the location for Hope Floats (I just found that out yesterday)

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Tiffani R said...

Thanks for linking my blog to your post - wooo hooo!!! I'm glad I could be your reference post for this experience! p.s. we saw brad pitt!!


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