Saturday, March 29, 2008

My car got the boot.

This is what I came out to my car to find stuck to the window. I was not not surprised, because as I approached my vehicle I noticed an orange accessory on my left back tire. Parkking services has given my car the boot!!! I guess those 11 tickets FINALLY caught up with me.

So now, a few days later I have a paring decal ($100) and 3 parking tickkets to pay ($100). I am ridiculous. I had a supspicion that the tickets were being put on my student bill. But alas, I did not investigate, however parking services did.

So yesterday was the first day of my graduate career (with less than 50 days left) that I legally parked on campus. Bummer, if only I could have held out.

Final thought: As I waited for Parking services to pick me up, I noticed that a student on a bike had stopped to take a photo of my boot. "Don't take a picture of my sorrow!" I thought as I channeled my best friend. (That is sooo something Stefi would say.)

More to come:
*Blog tag from Lyndsy
*Job search Update
*Brad Pitt Sighting
*Graduation announcement

1 comment:

John and Lindsay said...

Not fun! It stinks that you had to buy a permit for less than 2 months left!!

It was great chatting with you this morning!


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