Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Secret Life of Cell Phones

Check out this video on the secret life of cell phones and give me some feedback of what you think about this. I know you have at least two cell phones lying around.

I found two during "Thirty Things Thursday" and I plan on recycling them or donating them to an organization that gives them to battered women. If you have an old cell phone (working or not) I'll recycle it for you- just get it to me somehow.

Here's the video:

How sad! We are dumping broken phones in underdeveloped countries. I just love America. *sense the sarcasm*

Please tell me what you think of the clip.


libby_hackney said...

i think that the main problem with people not recycling their old phones, is that they don't know where to or they just don't care.

Jared James said...

Interesting video, but people who really want cell phones to be recycled need to make it more accessible and easier to recycle.

David Gonzalez said...

I agree with Jared. I personally feel that recycling cell phones can be vital to the environment and to others that are in dire need of them. Yet I along with Jared feel that companies that are encouraging recycling need to make it more accessible to all, so that those that wish to recycle their cell phones may do so at a better convenience.

Rachel Robinson said...

Wow. That is a lot of cell phones... I really agree that something must be done for the sake of the "dumping ground" countries. I don't think it would be a very large burden for cell phone venders to simply ask for your old cell phone when you buy a new one. I know all the times I or anyone else has gone to get a new phone, no one mentions what will happen to the old one. It really does just sit in a drawer. Even offering $5 off of new phones by bringing in old phones would make a huge difference and really promote awareness.


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