Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Final's and Christmas prove to be difficult

I have recently undergone finals and now I am spending Christmas in Tennessee with unreliable internet. Both of these things have proven to be problematic when it comes to updating posts.

Please be advised that this mini hiatus will not impair my ability to deliver quality blogs about "the issues" in the future. Keep checking back- I heart you.

P.S. I actually got a new laptop for Christmas, so blogs should be a little more frequent. yay!

A preview of things to come is above.


Anonymous said...

a late comment is better than no comment i guess. maybe you should see if some of the friends in your head can comment, or even have their own blog!!!

now there's a good idea.

alice said...

wow! what a great blog post! wow wo wo wowowowowow wowowowowowowow!
Glad we can hang out.
Glad you sleep by me sometimes.

happy happy joy joy said...

you dyed your hair? i dont know you with any other hair color. it's strange. like we just met or something. i guesss i'll have to read this thing more often. maybe i'll see you in your glorious shades...

Shelley, Shelley, got a baby in my belly said...

Hey Groover! It has been great hanging out with you in J-Town. You should come back soon! Love the pink and teal tights!


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