Tuesday, March 23, 2010

post 100: A month in review

I know it has been a while since we spoke last, so in honor of my ONE HUNDREDTH blog post I'm going to do things a little different today. Here's a review of the things I've been up to since my last post. You let me know if there is anything you want to know more about and I will dedicate an upcoming post to that topic. ENJOY!

My friend Marianne came and we discussed how this would be an AWFUL bridesmaid dress:

I decided I need a pair of boots.

I served a few meals to some older adults:

I got some ashes on my forehead at a service before work.

I stopped by Religious & Spiritual Life to ask them to redo my ashes so people would try to wipe the "dirt" off my face all day.

I contemplated my Lenten promise and felt guilty about not having one, so I avoided the blog.

I saw this:

I laughed.

I help build a house:

I worked late...A LOT (but with a friend).

I had a couple of scheduled coffee breaks when working late.

I participated in leading a webinar with my office.

I taught a class on gender & leadership and had students try on corsets.

I saw my boyfriend.

I hosted 135 high school students on campus and managed 135 college volunteers for Minority High School Conference/College Student for a Day

I thought about going to Chicago.

A week later I WENT to Chicago and saw my best friend.

I saw a college friend's band play at a bar and stayed up WAY too late.

I interviewed.

I blended in with a booth.

I missed my boyfriend.

I ate this:

I accidentally abstained from television.

I added the Grand stop on the L to the list of public places where I have changed clothes.

I rode the L to have dinner with some college friends-and had a great time.

I rode the L the next day to the same stop to see this guy and had an even greater time:

I said hello and goodbye to some good friends.

I did a Sic 'em.

I hung out with my Dean of students from college, made some new friends, and learned some things.

I said goodbye to my best friend..and to Chicago.

I got excited about Aldi opening up down the street.

I took some students on a spring break trip---to Ft. Worth!

I slept on a YMCA floor- or tried to at least.

I walked into a giant fountain and didn't get wet.

I hung out with refugee children, role played with social workers, served food at a shelter, played catch phrase with some great homeless guys, helped with a field day for adults with development delays, served some meals on wheels, ate some meals on wheels, talked about "the issues," reflected, learned, laughed...

And I bought this:

I got a new computer at work and moved my desk out from against the wall so I can be more creative.

I sat on a giant horned frog with my boss.

I snuck into work late and I snuck out early.

I stopped to smell the flowers.

Then I blogged about it.

INTERACT: Wanna know more about any of the above? Let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

love the post, mel. thanks for including me. love you!

Tiffani R said...

What I hate about conferences where we are all together is that I don't feel like I get fully caught up with anyone. And such is the case with us - I want to know more about pretty much all of it. LOL. But especially I want to hear about how the trip to FtWorth went, and what you are planning to do for next year.
(p.s. what I love about conferences where we are all together is at least I get to give and receive in-person hugs and laugh a lot!)

Hannah G said...

Mel I love. You make me laugh...a lot. I especially loved that you blended in with a booth! I would love to hear more about that hehehe

Chanel said...

This is an absolutely superb post. I loved it and we haven't even talked in ages so that makes it better. :)


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