Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dad says, "Voting is groovy."

Well, since I voted absentee I was a little bummed that I wouldn't get to feel like I was part of something bigger than me by standing in the lines at the voter's booth. (And there wasn't even a line at the post office to mail out my ballot.)

Fortunately, my friend Kathryn was still registered in Waco, so she came up last night (from Houston), spent the night with me and we stood in line at 7:00 am so she could vote. Kathryn swiped me a sticker so I could represent. We then headed to Starbucks to get free "I voted" coffee. Delicious. I was VERY glad to see her and I felt like a true American today...even if I am a socialist.

I had lunch with my old priest, (from the Episcopal Student Center) Alex and his wife. I was very encouraged by this time with them because it reminded me how special people in my life think I am and I was encouraged in some decisions I have made for my life. Alex is one of the most influential people of my adult life and I am blessed to have passed through his life and to have been a recipient of his ministerial spirit.

Tonight it is wine and cheese and the calling of the states. I am very excited and I am hoping for the best.

Please vote- and get the free coffee so you can stay awake for the results.


Canderson said...

We might not need to wait as long as we thought to get results. :)

Anonymous said...

First, you are not a socialist... unless you voted for the actual socialist candidate. Well, then you would be. And that's... ok. HA!

Second, were you at the party in 2004 with the CCC people? Aww memories!

Third, I think you're awesome and very special.

Happy day after election day (a.k.a. the bringing of America into the 21st century day... finally!)

-Beth C


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