Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The MOMENT you've ALL been waiting for......

And the winners are......

So- Liz and Alice, please send me your mailing addresses (via facebook)and I will send you both FREE shopping bags- handmade by ME!!!! Yay!

Alice Said:
I miss you and I want a bag. That is a GREAT Idea.
I might pass it on to the Anna Mags so she can start your chain up here...You're already going global with this thing.

Liz Vailes Said:
Can I tell you this is quite possibly the coolest idea ever!? You are SO crafty! I love it! Hey, by the way, I am in need of a serious update with you. Baby Vailes (the second) is due ANYTIME now!!!

Feel free to use the comments section to congratulate the winners.

But to you losers- there will be more giveaways soon. (If you still want a bag, I have many more- at a cost...just let me know.)


Erin said...

Crap, I KNEW I was a loser!

Also, I love these pictures of you and JT.

Anonymous said...

I won I won I won!!! Too bad I didn't check this blog until now to find out. Mel, I cannot wait to get my bag!!

Liz V.


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