Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Impossible to ignore

Above is a photo of Lovelace 1 (bottom floor) and Lovelace 2 (top floor- the setting for my best, and worse, college memories. With a perfect view of the Sugar Shack (a gathering place for students) we would trun out the lights and watch newly formed relationships blosson from our video as we giggled and tried to identify who it was the we were "stalking." Rachel would call downstairs to tell me my guitar playing and singing was "too loud" and I would scream out the window, "Herd of cattle!" at the neighbors as they noisily climbed the stairs. Stefi would call on Sunday to borrow the hair straightener or catch a ride to church or to figured out an excuse for not going. Alice and I would sit on the counter of the kitchen and exclaim that the reason we had no boyfriends was because we are too eccentric for the area. The windows read in my day, "It's all good in the hood!"

As you may know, my undergraduate institution, Union University was devastated by a tornado recently. Since the tornado, I am surprised about the effect this has had on me. Its reallhy hard to be here, when people I love are there. Its really hard to see the destruction of the physical without experiencing the embrace of the community and the spiritual.

If you would like, you may give to the disaster relief fund by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

I miss those days of being neighbors. I would hear you downstairs cursing up a storm, then get down on my knees to pray for the status of your soul before politely calling and asking you to refrain from using such offensive language (at least, that's how I remember it). Really, though, it is hard to see Union like that, and I am sorry that you are far away from any community that understands.


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