Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming back with incense, bells and whistles

Listen up. I'm going to try to do the blog thing again. I've realized my blog-phobia. I'm just afraid no one will read it. My friend Brian has the best blog
and I know mine cannot live up to his, BUT alas, this is no longer a fear for me. I will write my blog and maybe someone will read it. And maybe someone will like it.

I went to the Greek Orthodox Church today in Waco-alone. I was reminded of Julien's story about the icon painter calling for "lots and lots of varnish." As I sat, er, stood during the service trying to stiffle my coughs from the incense, I was strangely comfortable there. I couldn't find the liturgy in the book, so I just got to 'experience' those around me worshiping. It was really interesting. I felt like I was meeting brothers and sisters that I had never known and getting to share is something that they find so dear, but I find so different felt so at 'home.'

I was grieved to not get to take part in the Eucharistic ceremony, but I did take some Fellowship bread at the conclusion of the service (I chose not to kiss the priest's hand). Afterwards they had a time of food, where I got to eat good salad and soup. I sat next to a law student who spoke of examinations, not exams. He was giving a friend a recipie for hungarian goulash- a dish that I am very familiar with.

I forced myself to stay and allow everyone to meet me, b/c that is what the priest requested of the guests at the conclusion of the service.

I'm realizing that I am comfortable being me and I am comfortable with you being you.


stefi said...

i read it and i like it.

Alex said...

I'm also comfortable being me, and I like you very much.


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