Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is this life that I lead?

I am utterly sorry that I have not posted in years. My crazy life insists that I devote my time to other things. I will make no more promises, but I will try to attempt the blog thing again.
What's going on with me?
Well, I am running three times a week (2-3 miles each time), I am starting abs and weights next week, so I'm pumped (or soon will be).
At work I am now advising TWO student organizations, Freshman Leadership Organization, and Baylor Leadership Organization. I am very busy at work and my boss is always coming up for new things for me to do.
My classes this semester are not as enjoyable as last semester, but such is life.
I am finally feeling like there are 1-2 people that I can be myself around, some of the time. I have a few workout partners, so its nice to process class together.
I have not found a church yet, BUT the Episcapal Student Center is where I go for Eucharist, Bible Study, and Morning Prayers. I really like Alex, our priest, and everyone is cool w/ me being Protestant. (Ah, the inclusive episcapals. Love them.)
I don't know if I am spelling Episcapal correctly.


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