Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An update is forthcoming....

Until my next update of live in the Lone Star State, I will tied you over with a picture and some questions.

The picture:
Me at move-in day. This is obviously a before picture; it was so HOT that day...triple
digits are still rampant here in Texas.

The questions:
What is the purpose for Higher Education? and Did your Alma Mater accomplish this?
Is Higher Ed a means to an end or a means in it and of itself?

There are no wrong answers...I hope you will comment your perspective.

Love you all...


The Williams said...

higher ed...i believe it can be both. if you choose to have a job after you get your masters or bachelors, then it's a means to an end. if you choose to continue learning, it's a means in and of itself. it never hurts to continue learning...however, not everyone wants to do that. that's my opinion. i love you

Tiffani R said...

it was good to see you tonight, Mel! You were "lit up" with excitement - I'm glad that helping out gave you a boost! See you soon!! Tiff


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