Saturday, August 12, 2006

Date Nite: Take 2

As you already know, every Tuesday is date nite for us in Waco, mainly due to 50 cent tickets at the local theatre. (I think any movie, no matter how terrible, is worth 50 cents.) Well this week we added a new friend to the mix: Tiffany (making her blogspot debut in the 2nd photo). Tiff is also in our cohort, and her GA is in University Ministries. We like her outlook on life; she is very honest, but accepting. BTW, she is hilarious.
This week the same as last: Tuesday nite Tacos at Rosa's and an exhilarating 2 hours of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Every week this theatre is PACKED OUT: old people, teens, toddlers, children, and babies. This makes for an interseting viewing experience; there is never silence. I love it, because it is so ridiculas.

The beauty of these movie nites should seemingly come in the fellowship shared with my peers and the inexpensive entertainment. While I do appreciate both these things and others for obvious reasons, there is something else about these experiences that satisfies my heart, or rather stirs it. When I am standing in the lobby of this theatre waiting for various friends to return from the bathroom or complete purchases from the snack bar, I am confronted with the vast cross section of individuals that come out of the cracks of my new community for a cheap movie nite. I am reminded that beyond the bubble of Baylor is the 16th poorest city in the United States. I am convinced of ample diversity (in race, socio-status, thought, even religion and denomination) that infiltrates the city of Waco. These movies nites hold me accountable to my call to be a global neighbor and to fight for social justice. I love Clarksville and Jackson, TN and I long to be a part of the body that resides there, but I am also called to this community, here and now. Waco is my town.

If you are in the habit of praying for me, please continue to do so. I am searching for a church and having to grasp many new things for my job. I am responsible for fostering the type of environment that allows 50 college freshmen to discover their holy discontent and provide them with resources in order to become life long change agents in whatever context that needs to be.

This is exciting and scary, whatever it is, I know is is right. I have confidence the Christ in me.


jonnyb said...

50 cent movies... how fun... and i'm glad God is giving you a heart for the people of your town..

The Williams said...

gruver, i know that Christ is growing you big time! it's so exciting to see you grow! i'm just so excited for you and know that you are totally in your element. i love you so much. we are praying for you daily.

India said...

I miss you!

Tiffani R said...

I like you!


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