Monday, October 07, 2013

let's slow things down a little

There's nothing that a coffee pour-over and chocolate covered caramel apple can't fix. That's what I always say.  At least that's what I'm saying these days.  This past weekend as I sipped my coffee at the perfect patio spot and graded papers, I waited for a rain storm to come in and I breathed.

I decided that I need to slow down.

Here are some commitments I made to myself to help me take more moments to breathe.

#SacredThursdays. I've been taking pottery classes at here for about 3 months on Thursday nights and meeting up with some folks after for drinks and laughs.  I love that the clay requires me to unplug and be present, physically and mentally.  I've come to value the friendships made in the class and really appreciate what I am learning about letting go of control and perfection from the craft and my classmates.

#MondayNightMadness. An old habit in a new town.  I know myself too well to commit to walking out the door when the clock strikes 5.  However if I commit to one night a week of working late and barreling through tasks, I'm sure to ease my anxiety and guilt from the nights when I'm hanging with friends.  Best part about Monday Night Madness? A few of my student friends join in on the fun and set up post to study in my office.  Lots of laughter on those 5 min breaks.

#JustOneThing. I will do one thing every day towards my decision to choose to live. Inspired by this post When I am overwhelmed with how long the list is, I have decided to do JUST one thing instead of freezing.

#ExperienceFall. I absolutely love fall and I haven't gotten to enjoy it in the last 8 years in Texas.  I do not want to miss it because I am running from one thing to the next or sleeping in on weekends.  I'm committing today to NOT miss it, but to LIVE it.  

When we get our first snow, I will check in again with an update on how I'm doing with these.

Interact:  Do you need to slow down?  What will you do this fall to ensure that you take a moment to BE?


Rebecca said...

Great post Mel! And I love that post you linked to about "just one thing"...I'm just like that gal...if the list is too long I "shut down" and don't do anything. But just one thing, or just one hour seems manageable.

I thought I was getting better at slowing down, but this fall, I have booked myself up a bit too much. Lessoned the spring I'll do better and not over commit. BUT I will also take the time to enjoy fall, and take care of myself.

Hope you have a splendid fall, and I look forward to your first snow update!

Tiffani P said...

1) "that's what I always say" - made me chuckle. ;)
2) love the idea of slowing down intentionally. Not sure where I can do it yet, but i'm thinking.
3) i loved doing pottery. It always made me think of God's relationship with me - how the clay would sometimes chafe my hands as I tried to mold it, how sometimes it was pliable and other times so resistant to what I wanted it to become. How sometimes I started one piece and realized the clay was meant for something else, and started the process all over again. So many good reminders about how I (as the clay) am to God. I have loved seeing your pottery posts on various sites.
4) I am totally living the one thing at a time dealio right now. When I decide to just do "one thing for right now", I feel better and I get more done.

and I miss you. xox


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