Friday, December 18, 2009

Secret Ingredient Series: holiday sauce

A while back I tried this AMAZING carrot cake by friend Marianne made. I absolutely adored it, but she wouldn't tell me the secret recipe. My jealousy and frustration with her inability to spill the beans led me to one conclusion: I want ALL my cooking to be secret ingredient cooking. I concluded then and there that I would start to modify recipes to add a hint of secret, b/c everyone always likes a secret. From time to time I will post a recipe (minus the secret ingredient) on the blog and challenge you to add your own "secret ingredient."

Enter my first opportunity to deliver: The Euc Thanksgiving. I signed up to bring cranberry sauce, b/c frankly it annoys me that when people purchase it from the can and slice the "sauce" onto a plate. I thought I would either make it from scratch or at worst,plop the can into a bowl and stir. Novel, I know. I made it from scratch and doesn't it look delicious.

I called my grandmother in hopes to hear some secret family recipe, but she said she just makes it from the directions on the bag. Lots of sugar and water, lots of stirring, and lots of fun poping cranberries!!!

I didn't have oranges or oj (don't some people put this in cranberries) so did a test batch with my secret ingredient (CLUE: something I had on hand that I bought a Fiesta on a whim) and it was AWESOME! Attempt 1: SUCCESS

INTERACT: What could your secret ingredient be in cranberry sauce (canned or not)this holiday season?

INTERACT 2: How does your family eat/serve cranberry sauce?


alice said...

Um...that's a secret. :O) Just kidding.
I would say Pineapple juice.

Anonymous said...

Pineapple! I've decided pineapple goes with everything. Are you still in TN? -Beth C.


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