Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So, I really can't believe that these two people have been together for 3 years:

This past weekend was our anniversary, so JT and I got on the train from Ft. Worth to Dallas, hopped on the DART and headed to the State Fair to see Mary Poppins. The trip was not without its challenges since it was last weekend of the fair and it was also the weekend of the OU vs Texas game. (READ: the trains were PACKED and slow, and people were a little mean). Anyway, we got the show just in time and it was totally worth the trouble. Mary Poppins actually flies out into the audience, which is really cool.

Then we headed to see BIG TEX at the State Fair:

We decided that our anniversary dinner would include a tour of state fair fried foods including a corn dog, friend latte, fried peaches and cream (fave), and fried pecan pie. we didn't try the fried butter, but we had a great time walking around, eating, and laughing. We even caught the parade and a couple of fireworks.


Tiffani R said...

THREE YEARS!!!! Time sure does fly! Congratulations you two! I'm glad that you are continue to enjoy each others gifts!

Mel: LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut.

Miss y'all! Tiff

The Boyds said...

That sounds like so much fun! Southwest flies to NY now, so maybe you'll be able to find a cheap ticket in the near future...

It's so weird to see people who were not bundled up in coats and scarves two weeks ago. It's already pretty cold here. I'm currently online in search of new coats for Corey and myself.



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