Tuesday, July 21, 2009

birthday week thoughts

This is my birthday week... and I am pumped. I will be a year older on Friday, there is a party on Saturday, and I will wear my party dress.

In honor of my upcoming celebration, I wanted to give a quick run through of some great moments of year 25:

1. Clue-themed birthday party
2. Made a GREAT new friend in Marianne Magjuka
3. Got a chance to live with Sarah Martin, a roommate of all roommates
4. Served as a bridesmaid in two of my besties' weddings, Alice and Jenny
5. Reconnected with an old friend over "Christmas break"
6. Voted for the FIRST time in a presidential election...and picked the winner
7. Watched my big brother graduate college!!!!
8. Watched the love of my life graduate with a Masters Degree
9. Had the opportunity to continue to serve students at the Episcopal Student Center
10. Got offered a job that wanted and will definitely love
11. Found a faith community in Waco where I am loved

I'm sure 26 will bring many more wonderful moments... (oh and Alice says, "Hello.")

INTERACT: What are YOUR favorite moments of my 25th year?

1 comment:

J.T. Snipes said...

When you got the perfect job at TCU. At times this past year I worried that things wouldn't work out, but God has orchestrated things perfectly. I love you!


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