Monday, June 29, 2009

What? I got somethin to say...

I have received some news that I think I should tell you. I am moving to Fort Worth, Texas in August, because I-HAVE-A-FREAKING-JOB!

After a year and a half of interviews, four different living situations, a couple of turned down jobs, and MANY MANY tears- I will be the Community Involvement Liaison at Texas Christian University in the department of Community Involvement & Service Learning.

I had a few offers on the table, and after some reflection, I chose a great position at TCU. I am VERY excited about this position as it utilizes both my strengths and interests. I will be embarking on intentional poverty living as an Americorps VISTA. My monthly salary will be equal to that of the average Forth Worth resident living in poverty.

TCU will also pay a little of my housing, provide me with a meal plan, health coverage, an office, and access to the library and rec center. After my year of service I will get a little under 5,000 dollars to go towards my student loans.

This is really great b/c I have always wanted to experience living in poverty as part of my discipleship. I know that I have lived under the poverty line since 2005, however this time I will be working 40 hour weeks and getting GREAT experience for my resume.

With this experience and the work that I have been doing at the Waco Episcopal Student Center the past year, I will be able to be competitive in future employment pursuits.

If you have been thinking about me and encouraging me in this LONG process, words cannot express how thankful I am to you. I hope that you will follow along with me as I make this transition and start some new things.


Kim said...

ah! i love it! #1: americorps always looks good on a resume. and i've heard such good things about how they support their workers. and #2: intentional poverty is powerful. we don't even know how you will be blessed and stretched during this next season but i'm super pumped for you. watch out for those tcu kids though (way worse than baylor). open some eyes girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel. I am so glad for you! What a ride! I am glad that the next year is shaping up for you. I love ya girl. Keep me updated!

S Mosley said...

YEAH FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! i've been wondering about your job search! This sounds SOOOOOOOOO exciting and SUCH A PERFECT FIT for you!!! soooo excited!!! PLEASE BLOG MORE as you get settled & start working!!! I can't wait to hear more! love you, girl!


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