Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome, Mr. President

I woke up earlier than usual today to make sure I could caught the inauguration of our President, Barack Obama. What a significant day in the history of the free world. I will mot bore you with my thoughts and musings about the inauguration ceremony and speeches, but I will tell you this: the benediction was my favorite part. I also really liked watching Malia take pictures with her digital camera.

Celebrate the inauguration by making your own Obamicon like the one I made today above! Do it here.

Lyndon B. Johnson claimed, "A president's hardest task is not to do what's right, but to know what's right." May you, along with our President, know what's right and do it.

INTERACT: Did you watch the inauguration? What were your thoughts? Were you as unimpressed as I was with CNN's "long anticipated" synth photo of the "moment?" Leave comments below.

1 comment:

J.T. Snipes said...

I haven't seen the inauguration. But I love the obamacon. You look awesome! I'm gonna try to make one today =)


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