Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm graduating!!!!

SO, now that the papers and exams are FINALLY complete- I can breathe AND blog.
I am about to be a MASTER. My plan- get a job and buy myself a pipe to celebrate. (You just SEEM like a Master when you're smoking a pipe.)

Here's the skinny- I graduate May 17th from Baylor University with a MSed in Student Affairs Administration. I passed my comprehensive case study on the first go round (My cohort was the first in Baylor history to all pass on the first round.)

Job search:
I have been on two on campus interviews. One of those decisions is still pending while the other gave me the boot.
I have a phone interview scheduled for next week and another on campus interview scheduled for the week after graduation. Plus I am applying-applying-applying!!!

Please pray that I finish my assistantship with integrity (I have 7 hours left).
Please pray that I find a part time job in the interim, because I have bills to pay AND my student loans start again.
Please pray that God allows me to find a position that utilizes my strengths and allows me to be financially secure and helps me to be developed as a professional.

Let me know if there is any praying I can do for you.


Erica said...

how excellent for you!
what an accomplishment indeed.
good luck on your job search!

whocanfind? said...

Congratulations! So wonderful! A masters! I know you'll find something soon with your vibrant, confident, wonderful personality. You're going to do so well!

Anonymous said...

Check this out.

-Beth (your old roomie!)


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