Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chuck Norris wouldn't apply for a Student Affairs job....

He would just take it- b/c everyone knows that Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding.

So- As of this very moment I have officially applied for 9 jobs. It's a daunting tack but you just have to sit down and start applying. I recieved a sudden jolt of confidence after I was offered interviews from two different positions at the same school where my best friend will soon be working. So, I applied to a few more places and hopefully I will continue to have a quick turn around of interview offers/declines. We all know how much I love feed back.

As I sit on the computer typing my "hire me please; I'm the greatest ever and oh-so-qualified" coverletters, I noticed that the "recreational TV" (praying for your Lenten choices, Tif) in the background is showing an episode of CSI. I know nothing about the plot, but I found myself getting over-annoyed by the constant use use the word "dorms." I looked sternly at the television and stated, "Residence Halls- not Dorms." THIS is how I KNOW that it is time for bed.

Speaking of bed- "Dormatory" comes from the Latin- "dormere=to sleep." Here's the deal- residence halls should not only be a place where students sleep, but a place where they LIVE. (I'm such a higher education nerd.) BUT o-so-hireable.


John and Lindsay said...

i love your comment about chuck and waldo! it was great talking to you yesterday! good luck with the job search.

Anonymous said...

you are so witty. i liked this a lot.


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