Monday, November 26, 2007

The Daily Bite: It IS easy being green

Every once in a while, my inbox is blessed with the presence of the Ideal Bite, short and sassy emails about green living. Ideal Bite offers small ideas for "light" green living, so if you aren't interested in selling your car and buying a moter scooter or switching to washable feminine hygiene products just yet, this may be the site for you.

I really love the small changes that I have been able to make through these emails. Recently, I took a personal oath to bring my own travel mug to the coffee shop or at least ask for a "for here" mug. I'm currently working on knitting my own coozie, so that as a last resort, I at least can forgo the paper sleeve. Let me know if you need a knitted coozie of your own.

Another big-small difference I have chosen to make is to swear off plastic bags. I made my own shopper purse out of an old t-shirt (photos coming soon) that I take to the store to transport my goods.

Calculate your ECO-FOOTPRINT using one of these websites (or google eco footprint):
Earth Day Eco-Footprint
Conservation International Eco-Footprint

and then check out the ideal bite website or blog (in my links section) and find out some practical things you can do to reduce this footprint on the world.

Coming Soon: My reflections on THanksgiving with JT's family.

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