Friday, July 28, 2006

The stars at night are big and brite...

I am officially in Waco, Texas...crazy. I live in Texas.

It has been a huge blessing to have Stefi here with me. The Lord has used her so much to minister to me and my roomie, Lyndsy (who is amazing, by the way). Lyndsy is the calm in the storm. I think if I was going through this transition alone, or with a native Texan, I would cry myself to sleep at nite. I have only cried once since rolling into town, because I miss the community and it hit me all at once that I won't be sitting at someone's house next week having dinner and sharing all about this experience.

Lyndsy and I have already decided that every Friday nite will be pizza nite at Apartment 4, and I'll be making the pies at our first event. Our friend Jonathan promised to show up, so it should be a good time.

Lyndsy and I had the key to Jonathan's apartment (for use of internet while he was at work) and we put George W in his bathroom by the toilet. A sign of many more good times in Waco.

One last note: My boss LOVES my hair, except they wish it was green and gold... too much spirit here in Texas.


ross said...

Nathaniel are looking at your blog and we were both noticing that it is probably no conincidence that you moved to Waco (Whacko as bud pronounced it). Anyway, glad that you are settling in and roommates will be good. Keep us posted. Spread the love of pizza around the world (and the love of Jesus as well). Ross

Jon Jones said...

Hey Mel, Melon, Gruver (as I first knew you), or, preferred, sister in Christ. Glad you put a blog up. I have been thinking about you since I have been down here in Honduras. I hope your Monday night went well with all the ladies. I pray that you find a good church. This is starting to sound like a good-bye again, and it isn't supposed to. Well, I love you, and am praying for you, and hope to see you again soon. Have fun in Whacko, I mean Waco, TX. Peace of Christ to you.


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